WWE NEWS: Former Divas Champion Has Reportedly Quit WWE – See Huge Reasons…

For quite some time now, there have report here and there regarding the WWE career of top and popular WWE diva. She was indeed a hit and star in the ring but circumstances is about to change her WWE status quo.

The two time WWE divas champion Paige has been having some troubles with the WWE officials for some time now and she has never received a serious booking ever since her lost to Charlotte Flair. Paige has been suspended for two times now and reports even have it that she may be released if care is not taking.

Paige’s relationship with Alberto Del Rio has been the source of the menace she has been facing in the WWE because almost everyone in the WWE Universe does not love the two dating. It was revealed that Paige was suspended alongside her boyfriend Del Rio for 30 days which was the first violation of the wellness policy and while Del Rio sought his release after the suspension, Paige deemed it fit to return.

In a short while, we heard officially that Paige has been suspended for the second time which will last for 60 days. Report has it that paige has been making secret negotiations with top officials of the WWE so that the company will release her but finally she came into an agreement with the company at last.

The diva Paige was supposed to return to the Company on December 9 but she was nowhere to be found and rumor stated that she has finally quitted her career with the WWE. Well, on a factual note, it is revealed that Paige is still under pains after her neck surgery and that is why she is not returning any moment from now, report has it that once she returns with the pains, it would warrant her to take painkillers which will result to her failing the wellness policy for the third time and that means she would be fired.