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It is obvious that since after the WWE brand extension, lots of big superstars has been returning to join each brand whether RAW or SmackDown Live.

The returning of superstars has no limit for even tag teams members are finding their way back to joining each brands. Recent report states that the WWE former tag team members are returning to the company soon.

The Headbangers revealed on Twitter today that they will return to WWE on next week’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live! The former WWF Tag Team Champions made their first WWE appearance since 2000 on the August 30th episode of SmackDown, where they lost to Heath Slater and Rhyno in the first round of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament.

The two respective brands are really gaining strength due to the huge and big names to represent their brands in all areas. With the recent, we can say that there will be an introduction of another title match soon in SmackDown Live.