WWE NEWS: Former World Champion Regretting Ever Joining WWE – See What He Said..

All this while, we had thought that WWE is actually the place for everyone who is talented to be, it is now clear that even some of those there are not there intentional.

The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk has revealed that WWE was not his goal at first even though he loved watching WWE when he was a kid. In a recent interview with Windy City Live, former WWE superstar CM Punk revealed that joining the WWE was never his original goal as a wrestler. He said:

I’m not sure. Obviously, I watched WWF as a kid, but when I made the conscious decision – WWF was never the end goal. I romanticized about Japanese wrestling. There was two companies in Japan, it was called All Japan and New Japan, and that was my thing.

Adding to what he said earlier, he discussed that:
“I was more about going over there and being a star over there, then coming home and just being completely – you can walk down the street and nobody knows you.”

According to ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’, the WWE was the final frontier, and he wanted to see if he could succeed there. Punk told Windy City Live this:
“But I worked so long and hard at it that it became so boring, it became the last frontier was WWE. I had to go see if I could conquer that so I gave it a shot.”