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It is indeed a good thing to hear and to announce a survivor while there are some others who have passed through the same roads but could not make it back alive.

Some time ago, it was reported that former WWE champion Wade Barrett was attacked and stabbed but fortunately for him, he narrowly escaped the incident. Discussing about what happened to him, Wade Barrett gave the below report:

As I walked through an alleyway in search of a taxi to the airport, I heard footsteps behind me and a split-second later, I was jumped from behind and stabbed in the back with an eight-inch blade. I remember feeling the initial pain of the wound, but it was very quickly masked by numbness as the pain endorphins kicked in.

It is common knowledge that “The King of Bad News” had once dabbled and unsurprisingly, excelled in bare knuckle boxing back in England. The underground fighting scene was most prominent in Europe and Barrett had a brawl scheduled against a particularly “dirty” opponent in the town of Budapest, Hungary.
After defeating him in three minutes, the future Nexus leader was awarded the winner’s stash of twenty thousand pounds. A feeling of dread had already begun to roil inside him which was exacerbated by the lump sum he now carried on his person.

The place was crawling with a whole host of unsavory characters and every single one of them wanted to get their hands on the £20K winner’s prize that was now sitting in my bag. Having all those eyes burning a hole through you as you stand alone in some Eastern-European hell hole is a very sobering experience, let me tell you.

His search for a taxi to the airport led him inside a seedy alley. Suddenly, he heard footsteps on the brick laid ground, and almost immediately was impaled on the back by an eight-inch blade. The pain shot through his body, but his fortitude and unwillingness to part with his hard earned reward undercut the crippling agony.

Barrett does not divulge any details of how he overcame the assailant but humorously hints at the extent of damage, by comparing the attacker’s face to “minced beef from the supermarket”. Nonetheless, he made it to the airport and out of the infernal situation, adding to his anecdote, “life for me has always been full of scars and scrapes, but I make sure that I leave any situation with the money in my pocket.”