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WWE like other companies has rules that guide the affair of the company so as to ensure a successful run and to benefit all in the WWE Universe and beyond.

It revealed that during the State of the WWE Universe show, the General Managers of both SmackDown and RAW were involve in a debate where the unexpected happened. The debate was intense with points coming out from Daniel Bryan and Mick Foley. Due to use of excess words, Daniel Bryan went off script and mentioned TNA.

The WWE has always kept this as rule never to mention the name of any of their rivals just as Daniel did during the debate with Foley. But before Daniel went that far, Foley accused Bryan of not wanting to be SmackDown Live’s General Manager.

Only then did Daniel Bryan retaliated by saying that although he would prefer wrestling in the ring, to orchestrating the action as General manager, he was still enjoying his job as SmackDown GM. In fact, Bryan immediately shot back at Foley claiming that he had done the same thing back in 2001 and resigned his position as GM.

Bryan pointed out that Foley had also shed the manager persona in the past, to go and wrestle in TNA. Anyways, not much harm was done as Stephanie quickly turned the table of conversation around by saying things concerning Survivor Series.