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The WWE has proven to very strict and uneasy with the issues of wellness policies in the company, so, for this reason, any body caught in the act must face the penalty.

Vince McMahon could do little more then wag his finger in a angry manner and chalk the whole thing up to a miss understanding in the end.

Unfortunately for any superstar not named John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns or one of McMahon’s other elites, the consequences for not showing up on time, not at all or a wellness policy violation could have a vast array of consequences for the offending superstar.

In fact, some offenses have been so bad and have angered Vince McMahon so much that the only option he sees fit is to have the superstar fired immediately and completely blacklisted from the company.

Report has it that Randy Orton would have been victimized because he used to smoke joints in his dressing room before matches to help with anger issues, but backstage officials apparently didn’t want him to receive his third strike with the wellness policy.

According to source,Randy Orton in an interview with the WWE magazine (which no longer exists) in 2006, stated that he used marijuana as a coping mechanism for his anger management issues.

It’s been widely reported that Orton often smoked joints in his dressing room and officials turned a blind eye to it, due to a third wellness violation signalling the end of his career. Perhaps, due to his status as a top star, he was allowed to have one-off joints backstage, without it being a violation. However, these rebellious days are now behind Orton, who has just welcomed into the world a new baby daughter with his wife.’

No word on whether this new information will bring with it any consequences, but it is at least interesting to see that WWE’s biased ways are still alive and well.