WWE NEWS: Former WWE Champion Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury – See What Chris Jericho Did…

According to prowrestlingsheet.com, a former WWE star is still dealing with with a traumatic brain injury.

WWE is no doubt a home of the tough people, a home of naughty adventure. Over the years, lots of superstars have been reported to be injured with various kinds of injury.

Some time ago, Former WWE star Perry Saturn made a rare public appearance; but sadly, the Attitude Era wrestler says he’s dealing with a traumatic brain injury that limits what he’s able to do.

Saturn was spotted by Bill Apter Saturday at a House of Hardcore event, and told the journalist he’s mainly been dealing with a brain injury since they last spoke a few years ago.

The wrestler says dealing with the symptoms is all he currently does, but luckily his faith and family are helping him get through the difficult injury. Perry adds, “it’s a struggle right now.”

The legend is currently in tough times now and report has it that he had to call for fans help over what has just happened to him. He lost most of his valuable and almost rendered homeless. It was reported also that Chris Jericho donated to him $5000. This man needs help and we just hope he gets one soon.