WWE NEWS: Former WWE Champion Threatens To Quit WWE After Backstage Mess – See What Happened…

While most people would want to be noticed for a good performance or going above and beyond to make the overall product better, Naomi, decided to take to Twitter to voice her frustrations with not being included in the promo picture that was used to announce that Total Divas was nominated for best reality show series.

The twitter exchange occurred during Smackdown Live Tuesday Night and while it originally looked like Naomi, real name, Trinity Fatu, was legitimately angry with how the company uses her.

Trinity responded to the announcement on Twitter by asking,” where’s’ my picture tho?” She then later responded to a fans question by tweeting that “hell if I know but I’m about over all the bs i’m giving my all n have since day !” It is worth noting that Naomi hasn’t really gotten a fair shake since forming Team Bad last year on Raw and things have only gotten progressively worse with her on Smackdown Live.

In fact, she has yet to receive a title shot for The Woman’s championship on the blue brand and also has no real notable feud to speak of.

With that being said, what do you think? Is Naomi rightfully pissed about her place in the company or should she just shut up and try to make the best of the situation? Let us know in the comments below and please tell us if you think this will get her fired or not!