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Well, it is certain that the good things of life speak for the doer and there is pretty no doubt to this.

Former WWE champion Alberto Del Rio has been away from the WWE company for some time but was lured back just last year October with the WWE boss Vince McMahon promising to add him into the main event rooster. Since Del Rio’s return, he has not seen a sign of Vince McMahon fulfilling his promise. Alberto Del Rio has gone angry over this.

Reports states that Alberto Del Rio on his return fell in love with Paige and this was witnessed in the photograph which they had at Disney Kingdom in Florida last week. This was pretty cool and nice. But nobody knows that Alberto Del Rio has once dated the WWE Women’s champion Charlotte before his relationship with Paige.

Lately, we discovered that Paige and Charlotte are having problem over Alberto Del Rio in real life. Vince McMahon heard of this and planed fixing them in a match after the match of Charlotte against Naltaya. So, should we say that this is the problem hindering the fulfillment of Vince’s promise to Alberto Del Rio? No!

But the cause of the hindrance is that Triple H advised Vince McMahon not to do so, if not, Del Rio’s ego would get out of hand.