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Former WWE Divas Champion Paige started making the rounds on the Internet when her Nude Paige Photos & Videos Leak Online; it was such horrible and odd photos and sex videos—showing her everything.

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Nude Paige photos and videos leaked online and the thought is quite disturbing. One video shows Paige, nude, talking in front of a camera saying she’s “practicing again” before…

Paige may not have the biggest booty, but with her revealing outfits both inside the ring and on Total Divas, her perfectly shaped booty deserves. Nude Paige Photos & Videos Leak Online →

However, the internet is currently bubbling and everyone is keying in the word, “Paige leaked nude photos” and what a shock, the images and sex tape are real and Paige has acknowledged them as such.

As a matter of fact, Paige, who is currently on hiatus from the WWE has released a statement through Twitter on the matter saying, “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”
One of the nude photos shows Paige with her butt towards the camera and with no underwear wearing only a title around her waist. In the picture, it’s not clear if it’s the NXT Women’s title or the Divas title.

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While another photo has Paige taking a photo in a bathroom facing a mirror exposing one of her breasts and doing the “duck face.” The timing of these photos is not the best considering WWE is teaming up with Dwayne Johnson’s production studio to film Fighting With My Family, a movie based on her family.

There may be some friction between her and the WWE due to her engagement to Alberto del Rio, who had issues with the WWE last year prior to his release.

Paige comes from a family with deep wrestling ties. The Rock is currently teaming with WWE Studios to make a movie about her life, called “Fighting with My Family.”