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The two time WWE Divas Champion recently appeared on the total divas show with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio and according to report, WWE refused to display photos and even videos of her and her boyfriend. Paige Sex photos and videos released
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But rather, WWE did post pictures of Paige’s friends and co-workers reacting to the situation and discussing their concern for her, but not the situation itself. Paige leaked nude photos and videos is still disturbing the internet.

Even so, the photos have no description under them like they usually do. The latest episode of Total Divas saw Paige’s friends react to finding out that Paige and Alberto Del Rio started dating.

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According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige has not been in contact with any WWE officials, since her suspension. The report by WON also stated that Paige had isolated herself from the locker room.

More so, All Wrestling News reported that, there is even speculation that Paige may have failed WWE’s Wellness Policy for the third time. The first two times were on 17th August and 10th October. A third suspension in WWE results in termination of a performer’s contract.

Having registered that, we can not but say the timing of these photos is not the best considering WWE is teaming up with Dwayne Johnson’s production studio to film Fighting With My Family, a movie based on her family.

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Paige, 24, has endured a rough year and this isn’t going to make her life and career better especially after she underwent surgery for a herniated disc and is out of competition and suspended for failing drug tests. Going by WWE policies, then we can say Paige is out of the company. We bring you updates as things unfold…

Below are reactions from Paige and her mother;