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It is revealed that WWE is a no nonsense place. No one turned out to be what he or she pleases but instead works to the rules of the company. The company is very strict in anything concerning their policy or workout.

On the previous notes, we saw how Ryback’s contract was automatically terminated even his contract expiration date. The reason for this was because he challenged the company’s policy and modus operandi. He asked that the company pay equal amount of salary to both winners and losers of a given match.

This opinion was too hard for the WWE to bear so; they realized him from the company. Lately, it was reported that Ryback is on his way to TNA to startup up his WWE ended career there and I strongly believe that he will be of much help to TNA since the TNA is on their wreck already.

Recently, the former WWE superstar, Ryback underwent surgery again this week, his second in as many weeks. It was really painful and serious for him as a star wrestler. This means that the injury will keep him off the ring for many months. Anyway, we just wish he recovers soon and start up his career again.