WWE NEWS: Former WWE Superstar Has Been Rendered Homeless – See How He Lost His House And Property…

It is said that challenge does not inform a man when it comes and to anybody who falls victim of its destruction will greatly suffer.

George Gray, who is fondly called One Man Gang lost his home to in the recent flooding in Baton Rouge. Gray’s house situated in Central City, LA had its interior destroyed when the Comite River overflowed into his property. Gray, because he wasn’t living in a designated flood zone, hadn’t purchased insurance to cover the damages. This was indeed a huge loss.

It is reported that George Gray appeared in an interview with SportingNews.com and in the course of their discussion in the interview, Gray said:

“This caught us by surprise because our place had never actually flooded in the 20 years we’ve owned the house. When you look curb side now, it’s like a disaster zone. There’s a giant mountain of our stuff in front of one side of the house and a giant mountain on the other with things like a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer that got ruined from basically sitting in three feet of water. Basically, everything is gone. All of my wrestling memorabilia was washed away, things like old-school posters and my boots that we didn’t store in the attic because we didn’t think it was ever going to flood.”

Due to loss, Gray has been made a wanderer in the city as he as rendered homeless. It is revealed that as of now Gray is temporarily living in a Quality Inn with his wife and eight cats. He’s planning to shift to a friend’s trailer until he can afford to repair his house. Gray recently was given a bill of $70,000 to $75,000 to make the place habitable again. We hope he comes up with something soon and fix his house.