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Chris Benoit hall of famerChris Benoit was a man that many people respected. He was the prototype of what a tough bell-to-bell wrestler was all about. People also liked him as a person, some describing him as a sort of a gentle giant who was a perfectionist and truly gave his all to professional wrestling.


So, it’s not surprising to hear that the death of Benoit and his family was a shock to the world.

It was a moment that was heartbreaking, tragic, and unforeseen. On Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring, Chavo Guerrero, Vickie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko recounted the moment that Vince McMahon announced the WWE news backstage.

Chavo recalled that McMahon had called a meeting at the ring. Vickie explained that Malenko was sitting next to her and she just had a horrible feeling. She added that Malenko also felt that there was something wrong.

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Chavo: That’s when Vince McMahon stands up in the ring and says, ‘We just got word that Chris Benoit, Nancy and Daniel have all passed away.’ And the gasps, of course, around the ring.


Malenko remembers Vickie just letting out a swirling scream.


Vickie: I freaked out and started crying and Dean kind of stood up and he grabbed my hand so then he took off to the back.


Chris Benoit

Chavo walked up to McMahon and repeatedly asked him what had happened as he was frantic. The latter responded by saying they were gone before hugging Chavo tightly.

The Chris Benoit incident is something the wrestling world has never forgotten and it forever tarnished the legacy of The Rabid Wolverine.

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