WWE NEWS: Former WWE Women’s Champion Found Dead At 46 In A Closed Apartment — Police Investigating The Real Cause Of Her Death…

Some things are bound to happen in life and the fact is just we cannot do anything but to accept or deny them when they happens.

WWE Superstar Chyna was found dead in her home in usa on Wednesday, she was clearly on drugs and with overdose, she was at the age of 45/46 her real name was Joanie Laurer.

It was still under investigation too what happen but it is suspected too be from porn addiction and drugs, Chyna was a WWE Superstar and she became WWE Intercontinental Champion In 1999 and again 2000, Amazing right ?

A Diva against males now they where good times, pretty boring watching this discriminate stuff honestly but anyhow, The Superstar was a TV Star and later become a porn artist in adult films too get away from her bad childhood, well says her official Website bio.

Major RIP too WWE Superstar Chyna, WWE Superstar and WWE Universe is left in tears of this unexpected tragedy best of luck in even, Peace Be Open Her, In Paradise.

Chyna being one of the most known WWE Superstars in history this would have too be one of the most saddest passing away in history oh other then Eddie, but it’s a shame the both died too the same reason of drugs and they both suffered major depression later on from it hmm no good drugs right i think WWE should stop superstars from using drugs oh yes that means John Cena Stop Using drugs dammit it will just kill you look at – Chyna and Eddie for goodness sake

It is claim she has had taken drug overdose, She has also had a major porn addiction for last 10 years best of luck still she will be missed and this is major news for WWE universe