WWE NEWS: Is This A Goodbye From Mark Henry? — Did Mark Just Announced Retirement? See Details…

The former WWE champion Mark Henry is one wrestler who we all love to watch in the ring. He is known as the strongest man in the world. During the WWE brand split, Mark Henry was drafted to the WWE Monday Night RAW’s sections by the commissioner of RAW Stephanie McMahon who had thought that Mark will help in boosting her brand.

Recently, the world’s strongest man, Mark Henry appeared on UPROXX to be interviewed and during the interview, Mark was asked several questions as usual and at the course of the discussion he made mention of his dream opponent, future WWE stars and lots more. Here are some questions he was asked and responses he gave. Mark Henry was asked to mention who he would love to face in the future and he made a very shocking statement. He said:

“One thing that I’ve actually fought; Brock Lesnar! He’s big, he’s strong, he’s enduring and he’s a little big deranged. You gotta be crazy to train like he trains and to accept getting hit in the face. He just embodies what a WWE Champion is.” It is revealed that Brock Lesnar is one big superstar who is feared by other superstars when it comes to wrestling but here Mark Henry is revealing him to be his dream opponent in the future.

More so, the next question that he was confronted with was who he thinks will be the next breakout star. To this question, Mark Henry mentioned the name of the former NXT Champion Bayley in praise of her saying: “I’ve always said Bayley, she belongs already. She is not getting her just due. I think that given the right opportunity, Bayley is going right to the top. She is something else, [she is] very very special.”

Finally, he was asked to tell about his future in WW, if he’ll be working a full-time schedule for WWE following the Draft. But he said; “No! I’m old man, s–t, I got shoes older than you.” Could this really mean that Mark Henry will be retiring any moment from now? Well, he may still remain in WWE for as long as he can or may become a part time wrestler as the case may be.