WWE NEWS: What Happened After Clash Of Champions Went Off Air Involving Fans And Seth Rollins – See Details…

Clash of champions was indeed a PPV worthy to note and bring back to the memory always in the history of the WWE. The matches of event really lived up to the expectations of WWE Universe.

The main event of the show featured Seth Rollins VS Kevin Owens contending for the Universal championship title which by means of luck and chance, Kevin Owens made the win against Seth Rollins and thus retaining the Universal championship title.

It is revealed that in the match, Seth Rollins had the best of Kevin Owens until the friend of KO, Chris Jericho came out from nowhere to distract Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens saw a very wonderful opportunity for Kevin Owens to hit the pop-up powerbomb on Rollins and pick up the victory, thus retaining his WWE Universal Championship.

After the match went off air, Seth Rollins was left in the ring beaten and bruised and with his hand on his rib which many people assumed that he might have sustained an injury during the match. While still in the ring, the audience gave a standing ovation, chanting his name. Rollins briefly acknowledged the crowd’s appreciation of him, and his music hit and he slowly walked the ramp before turning around one last time, getting cheered again, and then leaving.

More so, as the case may be, this may just be the beginning of a feud against Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens which may eventually continue at the Hell in a Cell which has been revealed as the next RAW PPV and this time, Jericho may not be appearing as he did in Clash of Champions.