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The RAW show was indeed a pleasant one and a wonderful event matches for all that were present. The match met up to expectations and many of the WWE fans went home rejoicing.

Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins happened live on RAW contending for the #1 contender for the Universal championship title at the WWE Hell In a Cell match. Unfortunately for Chris Jericho, he lost the match to Seth Rollins. And according to reports from the audience, Seth Rollins will finally end up as the next Universal Champion.

Well, the match did not ended after Seth Rollins won Chris Jericho, reports states that after RAW went off air, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho threw Seth Rollins back in the ring and was heating him in all sorts. Seth suffered in the hands of these friends until Sami Zayn made the save.

With all what happened after RAW, it is revealed that Kevin Owens is not in support of Seth Rollins defeating Chris Jericho to qualify for the Universal title match at the WWE Hell in a Cell which comes up October 30th. Anyway, whether or not they love it, the deed has been done and there is not reverse to what has been done. The moment we are all expecting is the greatest moment at the WWE Hell in a Cell and believably, Seth Rollins will make it there as the new WWE Universal Champion.