WWE NEWS: What Happened After RAW Went Off-Air Involving Top SmackDown Superstars – This Was A Terrible Dealings…

This weeks episode of the WWE Monday night RAW was actually the first RAW show after the second biggest event of the year Summerslam and it really worth it. It was at Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.

The RAW show kicked off with Finn Balor addressing the audience and making his speech of vacation as well. He vacated the Universal Championship title because he sustained an injury during his match agaist Seth Rollins which will require surgery.

Finn Balor proved himself to be a champion indeed because even thouhg he was injured he still competed and won the title to himself making the event a glorious one for that matter. Fans respected Finn Balor for this and so many of the fans almost cried when he made the speech of vacating the title. According to report, Finn Balor will be off the ring for six months after the surgery and other things, which means we will not be seeing Finn Balor in the ring for the next six months.

Still on the Monday night RAW, it was also confirmed that there would be fatal 4 way match which will feature Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Big Cass and Roman Reigns to contende for the runner of the WWE Universal championship title. Next week, on RAW, the match will come on air live. WWE Monday night RAW has formed the habit of not ending with without leaving a match after the show.

After the WWE RAW went off-air this week saw SmackDown Superstars John Cena and WWE Champion Dean Ambrose team up against Seth Rollins and AJ Styles and the match was at the favor of John Cena and Dean Ambrose. It is revealed after RAW that the three Smackdown Live stars have frequently been appearing on Raw dark matches, as they were advertised for Raw much prior to the draft, and thus WWE had to fulfill legal obligations by making sure they appeared on the show.