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Roman Reigns has been a superstar for some years and it is quit surprising that most fans did not even know that he is married until it was revealed on air and it became a major talk of the social networks.

The former WWE champion Roman Reigns fell in love with Galina Joelle Becker while they where still in college at Georgia Tech and since then these two has been together with each other until they finally got married and now blessed with a daughter. Their official wedding was in December 2014 which means their wedding is still very young and fresh.

It is revealed that the incidence which made fans came to realize that Roman Reigns was married was when he became a top superstar and a face in the WWE so everybody wants to know more about his social life and others. So many thought that he was still single even some of the WWE Divas.

Well, after Roman Reigns wedding, it happened that there were lots of fun outside the auditorium of the event, there were celebrations of friends and well wishers congratulating him for such a wonderful event. So many people who honored the invitation to the weeding testified to it as being a very wonderful celebration.