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The main event of the SummerSlam featured The Beast Brock Lesnar vs The Viper Randy but lo, the match was to favor of Brock Lesnar who won by a TKO and Randy Orton was in a pool of his own blood in the ring while Brock Lesnar rejoiced home as the main event winner.

Well, to be sincere, The Viper Randy Orton did all he could to see that the match was to his favor but to no avail, the Viper was chanced enough to offer some RKO but Brock Lesnar still stood tall in the ring.

Wrestlezone is reporting that after the cameras stopped rolling, Randy Orton finally recovered his consciousness and got up on his feet with the help of Shane McMahon. It did not help WWE in any way, as fans were constantly booing throughout the phase when Shane took Randy backstage. The injury which Brock Lesnar left Randy Orton was just tooo severe that Randy had to receive 10 staples to his forehead to cover the laceration caused at the hands Brock Lesnar.

Now, after the big PPV went off-air, we saw Shane McMahon coming to help Randy Orton out but Brock Lesnar bluntly refused him which resulted in the beast Brock Lesnar delivering an F5 to SmackDown general manager Shane McMahon. Though, we did not see any major returns happening for the climax of the PPV unlike the heavy rumors which was wide spreading via social medias and more.

It was so serious and shocking that every one in the auditorium had to gasp and shout aloud, but come to think, it may that Brock Lesnar was highly on drugs and that was why he became so rude and wicked and wanted to kill Randy Orton even though he has been pronounced the winner of the match. Well, he is free to take drugs because he was exempted from the wellness policy.