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The WWE Monday night RAW has always been a show to look forward to as it presents with itself the all excitement of wrestling and many more fun outside wrestling.

The WWE has kept on advertising the Brock Lesnar vs Bill Goldberg’s match that should happen at the forth coming WWE Survivor Series.
We suppose this is what we’re getting to further the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar feud today.

A video package airs showing the feud from “Goldberg’s perspective”, the package chronicles Goldberg’s journey in the WCW and the WWE prior to his retirement and then goes on to show the present-day.

Clips of Brock Lesnar’s match vs. Goldberg from 2004 are shown. Brock Lesnar’s comments on Goldberg and Goldberg’s comments are a part of the package. Goldberg is also shown training in the gym and Boxing as a part of his preparations for their match at Survivor Series.

During the show, it was revealed that Cass issued a warning to the Smackdown teams. All the teams on the RAW team make their way to the ring respectively. We cut to commercials. Stephanie McMahon talked backstage on the phone with her brother Shane McMahon and turns down his invitation to appear on Smackdown Live. She invites Daniel Bryan and Shane to appear on RAW next week instead.