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It is revealed that the just concluded WWE Backlash event was the first of SmackDown’s exclusive pay per view. The event aroused so many hearts in expectations and fans also expected it to be a very tough event.

Well, just as it all happened at Backlash, the event did meet with their expectations. Reports state that both the commissioner of Manger of Smackdown Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan said, SmackDown Live was given their crimson counterparts all they could handle. The match made fans cheered up while others went home extremely sad and disappointment at their supporting superstar.

Anyway, whatsoever is it that happened, made the event a very unique one and a mark on the heart of the WWE Universe. It is said that the event was a success based on a poll that WWE conducted briefly after the event aired. It is reported that 68% of fans on Twitter gave the pay per view a thumbs up.

More so, the event had Becky as the winner of the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Slater and Rhyno as the winner of the SmackDown Tag Team titles and then the ultimate, AJ Styles winning the WWE World Championship. It was a dream comes true for AJ Styles who have been longing to get the championship title even from Roman Reigns tenure.

Furthermore, after Backlash went off air AJ Styles who had become the new crowned WWE heavyweight champion made his exit. Following this, former champion, Dean Ambrose too returned to the locker room as his music played. There were no dark matches as lots of fans thought that John Cena would show up but it did not happened that way.