WWE NEWS: Here’s What WWE Just Announced About Randy Orton’s New Born Baby’s Health

Over the past few weeks, Randy Orton has been in a very odd position on the SmackDown Live show. After feuding with Bray Wyatt for a number of weeks, The Viper decided to align with the “Eater of Worlds” by executing an RKO to Kane. While it appeared as if this was only going to be short-lived, Orton has embraced being a member of the Wyatt Family. His conceding has actually caused the group to be successful, as he and Wyatt were the last men standing when Team SmackDown Live defeated Team Raw at Survivor Series.

Before Survivor Series, there was a great deal of speculation that Orton was not going to appear. The reason is due to him and his wife Kimberly expecting their first child together, with the baby due on November 22. The expectation was that Orton was going to be by his wife’s side just in case there is early labor. However, she stayed on pace with her due date, and Orton was able to compete. Today, WWE announced that the couple welcomed their daughter into the world with these words:

Randy Orton and his wife, Kim, are proud new parents of a baby girl, Brooklyn Rose. The 12-time World Champion’s daughter was born Tuesday afternoon at a healthy 8 pounds.

Of course, Orton will not be appearing on SmackDown Live to further his alliance with Bray Wyatt. However, Bray and Luke Harper can hold the weight while Orton celebrates the birth of his daughter. Most likely, Orton will not take much time off, and should be back in time to set something up for the next SmackDown Live pay per view, TLC, occurring on December 4.