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Earlier this month, we received a strange and surprisng report stating that the WWE women chamion, Sasha Banks fondly called the boss was married to a WWE worker whose work is to design custumes for the WWE both superstars and beyond. The marriaged was On August 4, 2016.

It is revealed that Sarath Ton has been Sasha Banks boyfriend for some years and they have kept the course of their relationship secret unlike the other WWE superstars who showcase their love lives using social media networks lik, Twitter, Instagram and lots more. Sarath Ton is also known by the name of Mikaze on Xavier Woods’ YouTube show Up-Up-Down-Down. The marrige was said to be a shock because nobody had expected it and it was not even announced anywhere in the WWE.

Sasha Banks husband, Sarath has been the brain behind Summer Rae, Paige and even his wife, Sasha Bank’s design. The marriage details are is not planning to be shown any where in WWE at all. After the marriage, it was reported that no photos were taken show casing the couple in wedding attire and again not even a traits of wedding was displayed as the wedding was indeed a secret wedding.

Well, is reporting that there have got some of the hidden pictures of the WWE women’s champion’s wedding day celebration. According to the source, the pictures posted was not even depicting that of wedding at all but seems as if it was just normal compound photos more like a selfie either. To see these photos and judge for yourselves, click here and you will behold the WWE women’s champion, Sasha Banks on her wedding day’s photos.