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It is obvious that Chris Jericho of the WWE us taking a new turn as his retirement earlier discussed has been redefined.

Before the WWE Universe gets into a frenzy, Jericho’s time with WWE isn’t going to be extensive.

According to a report, Jericho is scheduled to begin touring with Fozzy in May. However, he’s still being advertised for WWE live events throughout April and is advertised for the WWE Payback PPV at the end of the month. It seems that no matter what happens at Wrestlemania, Jericho and Owens rivalry will continue to ‘Payback.’

What’s interesting is the report is also claiming that Jericho is scheduled for the “Download Music Festival” on June 11 with Fozzy. After that appearance, not much is known about Fozzy’s touring schedule, and it’s being said that Y2J could return to WWE programming in mid to late June. It’s unclear how Jericho and WWE would work out his time with Fozzy over the summer, but he could only miss six weeks of television.

Both emotionally and physically, Owens’ attack on Jericho was devastating. The point of that was not only to build towards their match at Wrestlemania 33, but there have been some nagging injuries for Jericho. A few weeks off will get him ready for Owens while he’s feuding with Goldberg headed into WWE FastLane. After Wrestlemania, Jericho missing all of May and a lot of June will get him healthy for the summer and WWE Summerslam.