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Before now, it has been reported multiple times that this year’s Survivor Series had the best arrangement so far.

It’s rating was unique and fans really had a wonderful experience at the event show.
The commissioner of the blue brand, Shane McMahon partook with his brand superstars to take on the RAW talents and report stated that SmackDown won their match at the event. Sadly, the commissioner of SmackDown sustained an injury during the event match and was placed under medication.

Shane played a huge part in Smackdown Live’s victory as he put his body on the line to help remove the biggest physical threat in the Raw team, Braun Strowman. After Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt teamed up to gain the upper hand over Strowman in the ringside area, they laid him on one of the announce tables.

‘Shane-O-Mac’ climbed up on the top rope and in his signature style, delivered the elbow drop on ‘The Abominable Strowman’ thereby contributing to the latter being counted out. A little later in the match, McMahon showed great spirit as he took on both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins at the same time, managing to dominate them both.

However, as he went for the Coast-to-Coast on Reigns, who was lying on the adjacent side to the ring, he was caught in mid-air by a spear from ‘the Big Dog’. Shane landed rather nastily on the mat and appeared to have suffered an injury as the referee called for the medics, bringing an end to his participation in the match.