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WWE Diva Becky Lynch could have found a new love; possibly doing the bed-thing with a mixed martial artist. However, the current and inaugural SmackDown Women’s Champion has successfully hidden one small detail about her until now – and that’s her love-life.

While the WWE Universe keeps asking who could be dating the 29-year old WWE Diva, on Sep 1, 2016, Lynch made an Instagram photo of the UFC fighter Luke “Cool Hand” Sanders posing with the her which caused the internet to gaga.

Although nothing has been made official, the Dublin-born wrestler is at least having something to do with the UFC fighter , yes, the Instagram photo of the couple says that already.

The picture, uploaded on Sanders’ Instagram account, had the caption: “Orange haired looker, goes the distance like a trucker, she’s a stray hair plucker and a flash mother f***ker #wcw @beckylynchwwe.”

Single or not, we shall find out soon – time will tell.

On the other hand, Rebecca Quin who wrestle under the ring name Becky Lynch has not had it funny in her drive to the top of her career as fans worldwide keeps following her step by step. Amongst other setbacks, few months ago, there were rumors that she could be a lesbian. Especially when Stephanie MaMahon made a note that the company has plans to book some of their superstars in LGBT including the Diva Becky Lynch just any moment from now.

Stephanie commented about the WWE integration of LGBT into the company’s programming and this were her words, “Throughout my life, I have grown up knowing gay WWE superstars and executives. It’s always been accepted, but now it’s about getting that message out there.”

However, Lynch’s life has been wonderful so far and her feud with the likes of Sasha Bank has done so much to her wrestling career.

See Becky Lynch love photos with sanders below:

Becky Lynch and Luke Cool Hand SandersBecky Lynch and Luke Cool Hand Sanders