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Fans are all in the open as they have seen and read John Cana tweets on Twitter stating that he would be giving an announcement that would shock the universe at the WWE SmackDown live event show of tonight.

Recently, John Cana appeared on Twitter and dropped a message full of suspense as he said that he would be announcing the unbelievable. The post has got several others thinking and asking what the speech could be all about. In speculation, many believed that he would be talking about his former tag team member, Bull Buchanan. Talking about his former tag team member wouldn’t make any sense because Bull Buchanan retired some years ago from pro wrestling.

On the other hand, many believed that his speech will be centered upon The Rock who is known as The Brahma Bull, but that begs the question why The Rock isn’t making this possible announcement himself. Well, the thought that is very hard to share is John Cana finally leaving WWE.

The speech may be a retirement speech since it has been revealed that he would be taking time off WWE after WrestleMania 33 to film the Daddy’s home 2. Whatsoever the announcement may be, we hope to hear it on tonight WWE SmackDown live show.