WWE NEWS: John Cena Finally Saying Goodbye To His WWE Position – See What The Former Champion Said…

Beyond every reasonable doubt, we have all believed in one occasion or the other that John Cena will forever be a champion and the face of the WWE Company due to his in-ring skills and mic potentials.

The 15 time champion, John Cena has been away from the ring for some time due to injury which required surgery, but fortunately, his surgery went out successfully and now he is back to the ring and in the blue brand, SmackDown Live. During his absence, rumors has been going all through the Universe that John Cena could retire due to his injury.

John Cena is at a very interesting point in his career. He has been the face of the company ever since Wrestlemania 21, where he defeated JBL to win his first ever WWE championship. 11 years later, he is now a fifteen-time world champion and still remains to be the face of the company.

Since his mega push of 2005, Cena has garnered the most polarizing reactions in the history of WWE, but a guaranteed full house reaction every time.

Also, Cena has sold more merchandise than any superstar in WWE history. But being the face of the company is not simply just being booked as the top star constantly and holding multiple championships, but so much more. It is representing the company, going for media tours, press conferences all around the world. It is granting hundreds of “Make-A-Wish” requests, it is going to late night talk shows, and so much more.

Furthermore, John Cena may end up losing his position as the face of the company if he lost to AJ Styles. Cena is not the first of the company, there have been lots of them over the years which included Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and John Cena, It is revealed that John Cena is highly respected because he holds the longest reign as the face of the company.