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The 15 time WWE World champion John Cena is the face of the company and a hero indeed. He is the people’s champ and everybody seems to love so much because of his charisma and pleasing living.

Outside the ring, Cena is a lover and a very unique person. He has feelings for humans, he is sympathetic and kind. He is into a cohabiting relationship with the former WWE women champion Nikki Bella. According to reports, they have been dating since 2012 and they seem to love each other very much may be because they are both superstars or something.

It is revealed that John Cena will host the 2016 ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 13. Cena recently appeared on Weekly exclusively and narrated how hard him and his girlfriend are trying to put things together in their relationship. Discussing, he said the following words which really explains his relationship with Nikki Bella:

“She’s truly the love of my life, and she deserves to be treated as such,” the Trainwreck actor tells Us. “Because we’re in the same industry, she truly understands that there will be fans that are looking for a different sort of admiration, but it takes two to be disrespectful, and I would like to think that in most every encounter, I try to treat her with as much respect as I can.”

“And I’m not perfect,” he continues. “I eff up a lot, but that always goes through my head, to try to treat her with respect.”

Furthermore, Cena who is also the proposed host for the Fox’s Teen Choice Awards on July 31 told the folks how he shed tears while watching a clip clip from the 2012 ESPYs of University of Tennessee. See what he said: “I was just watching some pieces today on that — obviously because of the recent news — the Pat Summitt piece as an Arthur Ashe recipient, and I just started crying my eyes out,” “It’s a wonderful show that can get you to laugh and cry at the same time.”