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The unexpected return of john Cena certainly brought great threat to wrestlers like AJ Styles.the absence of John Cena made AJ Styles, the unexpected torch-bearer who carried main events and held up merchandise sales, decided it was time to make his bones in the WWE.

The WWE Legend has opened up to the universe that he is not going to retire any moment from now, stating that his retirement date is still very far. Still on his speech, he said that the fact that his still very far is an opportunity for him and AJ Styles to really get it on each other.

To some fans, it is obvious that AJ Styles might take a lead on Cena because of the always interference of the club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. It seems that WWE has giving up on Roman Reigns vs Styles and now focus more on Cena Styles instead.

This will be the fifteenth time John Cena tweeted this:

Anyway, lets see how it goes then. it is no longer a distance thing and in no mean time, we shall see all things comes to pass in WWE.