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I could vividly remember earlier this month when Vince McMahon was advertised to show up in RAW, it was an awesome news because everybody was expecting something from him as his major purpose for appearing was to announce the commissioners of WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown which he did successfully by announcing Shane McMahon as commissioner of SmackDown where as Stephanie McMahon as commissioner of RAW with the advice of them getting their various managers.

After the brand split it is revealed that SmackDown and RAW has become two different major bodies in the WWE and as announced by Shane McMahon, commissioner of SmackDown, the WWE would be floating Brand specific pay-per-views going forward, apart from the big 4 events each year that would be common to both brands. This means that apart from the big 4 four event each year in the WWE there will be specific matches for both brand not coming together apart for the 4 matches seasons.

More so, Shane McMahon made it clear that Backlash would be the first pay-per-view specific to SmackDown!, and this event has been scheduled to hold on August 11th and its venue is at the Coliseum, Richmond. In preparation for these event lots of superstars has been advertised for the event but even at this, John Cena’s name was not mentioned and we didn’t see him in the advert as well. The few names mentioned and advertised include; WWE Champion Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, Bray Wyatt and the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz.

Furthermore, John Cena was not advertised for Backlash but was advertised for the WWE Live Event to be conducted in Shangai, China the previous day. As reported by And the simple reason why he was not advertised for Backlash has not been made clear enough but we hope that it is because John Cena will be fronting the WWE”s effort in expanding their reach in China for the event which he was advertised for.