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Randy Orton has been a WWE superstar and even champion for some years and we have never heard about anything like what happened just last time at the match of Kane against Bray Wyatt.

As seen on SmackDown, Randy Orton turned on Kane and laid him out with the RKO, allowing Bray Wyatt to defeat Kane in their No DQ match. Orton later teased joining The Wyatt Family with a “can’t beat them, join them” line.

Kane talked to Daniel Bryan about what happened. Kane says what happened is his fault because he turned his back but if Orton has joined The Wyatts, so be it, but there will be consequences for what he did.

It is so obvious that Orton will not last with Bray Wyatt just as Kane said that there would be consequences as to what Orton did. Something big would soon be introduce in SmackDown and Kane will soon minimize his fault and may be please Orton along line.