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Without being told, you should know for yourself that there has been a lot of striking criticism about the way Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal title on Monday night RAW at a fatal four way match against Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Big Cass.

Anyway, Since KO didn’t technically win the title on his own; many people argue that he has not earned his spot as a main event player and WWE Universal Champion. That’s debatable, and there will always be critics, but one thing you can’t argue against is results. The result stated that KO was the winner even though he was helped out by Triple H who made a surprising return to the ring on RAW.

Well, with the ongoing, we can boldly say that his days as champion are numbered and as it is, this is something no WWE superstar would want to hear when they are in the midst of their very first reign as world champion. It is revealed that there have been rumor all over the place that WWE is not happy with Kevin Owen as champion and will ensure that the title goes off from him at the upcoming Clash of Champions.

More so, the simple reason why WWE is not pleased with Kevin Owens as Universal champion is the fact that Monday Night Raw has been having low ratings over the last few weeks and that people backstage aren’t exactly happy with the way Owens won the champions.

Furthermore, as strategic as WWE could be, the plan may fall on Seth Rollins who seems to be in a better position for the Universal championship title because of his creative and highly rated value amongst fans. His mic skills and in ring ability are quite excellent. So, without further struggling, WWE may allow Seth take up as the Universal champion while KO steps down.