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At a recent WWE Live event, Kevin Owens was approached by a fan who wanted to meet who seemed to have long been waiting for the opportunity to have an autograph of his.

Unfortunately for the fan, the moment did not go exactly as he would imagined it would be. We bring you a video of the same. Even though Kevin Owens has always played a heel since his debut, in his current role as ‘The New Face of America’, he seems to have developed an extra vicious streak.

While this isn’t the first instance of him being rude to fans in character (Kevin Owens had made a kid cry for wearing a Roman Reigns tee last year at a Live Event), it seems like Owens has dropped the honour he gained when he played with Chris Jericho, where he would find it difficult to get the audience shout in his favour.

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Kevin Owens was at a live event when a fan at ringside presented an autograph paper to the US Champion. While Owens did pretended to sign it, he threw the paper to the floor and proceeded to the ring soon after.

WWE posted a clip of the harsh treatment on their Instagram account. While some in the comments section were in favour of Owens’ others were seen seriously criticizing him.

On the long run, Owens engages AJ Styles for the United States Championship at Backlash while the biggest babyface in the company for now remains no one but him. Owens’ bad treatment on fans will definitely bring down his ovation especially on SmackDown Live because fans are much sensitive to each wrestler’s conduct in the WWE.

Fans can be said to have a say indirectly on the career of wrestlers these days as a mere chanting of #firehim is something to be reckoned with.

Some see this harsh treatment of fans from Owens as a form of arrogance that can bring him down if he fails to turn a new leaf.

Watch the video below

Make sure when you come to #WWELive you don’t ask for an autograph from #KevinOwens… 🚫📝

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