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Bray Wyatt is one of the most charismatic and utterly terrifying superstars in the modern era of WWE.

Not only is his main roster persona similar to that of The Undertaker in many ways, he has also amassed a huge following in the company since debuting back in 2012 and very well could end up being one of the most unorthodox and successful stars of all time.

Unfortunately for Wyatt, even that wasn’t enough to save him from ending up in WWE’s doghouse after he was seen on his Twitter responding to tweets and comments from Matt Hardy. The tweets were about the vast similarities between Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy’s Final Deletion video and The New Day’s compound match with The Wyatt’s , but WWE apparently didn’t appreciate their superstar even acknowledging the existence of another wrestling show.

According To WWE Rumor Roundup,”Cesaro may not have been the only one whose Draft day was affected by backstage heat. There’s some talk management didn’t like Bray Wyatt responding to Matt Hardy the week before, and was slipped to the third round as a result. It could also be why Braun Strowman went to Raw.” If this is true, this could be bad news for entire Wyatt Family, as they are much more productive as a unit than apart

The biggest fear here is that Bruan Strowman, who came to the main roster just under a year ago, is now split up from The Wyatt Family and will be forced to try to sink or swim on his own. The only saving grace here is that Vince McMahon was originally very high on establishing Strowman as the next monster heel and could very well use him as one of the top heels on Smackdown.

As for Wyatt, he is left with only one henchmen, making his family look more like a regular team and taking away from what makes The Wyatt family so sinister and unique. Maybe this could be the beggining of new members coming to The Wyatt family, including the promised Sister Abagail that fans have been waiting for, but this could also be the beginning of Wyatt’s slip further down the card as well.