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While Lesnar is a very special attract and box office draw to The WWE, one has to wonder why WWE has not even had Lesnar involved with the new Universal Title, especially since doing so would give the title more legitimacy then ever before.

Unfortunately for The WWE, it looks like Lesnar has no interest in doing so and might even be refusing to compete for the title at all.

Its been very well documented by several sites over the last couple of months that Brock Lesnar was penciled in to face Finn Balor for The Universal title at The Royal Rumble, but it looks like Lesnar’s name has just vanished from the plan entirely.

Now the plan is reportedly calling for Balor versus Reigns, which would be a nice little rehash of their previous feud, but its still very weird that Lesnar’s name was passed up in favor of Reigns and Balor. It also becomes harder to believe when you consider the WrestleMania pay day Lesnar would have received from competing for the title at the marquee even.

This isn’t to imply that Lesnar is all about the money when he steps into the squared circle to compete, its just very weird that Lesnar, or any superstar in Lesnar’s position would pass up an opportunity like this. Think about it! Lesnar has a chance to legitimatize The Universal title, leave the company indebted to him even more then before and also guarantee himself a huge pay day in the process.

Maybe there are just some things that Lesnar will refuse to do and holding or even competing for that title seems to be one of them. The only question is, how long before WWE caves and puts him on the blue brand.