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According to a short post on the company’s website, Paige is likely to be released from the company any time soon.

The WWE has cut ties with former world champion Alberto Del Rio,according to a short post on the company’s website. “Jose Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) have mutually agreed upon the terms of his release as of today, September 9, 2016.”

Del Rio, along with fellow wrestler and girlfriend Paige, were suspended last month for violating the company wellness policy, and although exactly what their infractions were was never made public, there were rumors that it had something to do with backstage trouble. Whether that was the case or not may not come to light anytime soon, but on the heels of the release news comes word of Paige possibly quitting the company.

Both wrestlers who come from wrestling families (Del Rio’s father is luchador Dos Caras, his brother and cousins also wrestle, while Paige’s parents are both professional wrestlers in England) had been showing up together across social media in the months leading up to their suspension, at the same time as their places on WWE cards started to fall.

Del Rio’s situation was especially strange after making a surprise comeback in 2015 by defeating John Cena, then joining the ill-fated “League of Nations” stable until he was barely used as anything but a good match he’d eventually lose against a big name. With the growing women’s division, Paige could definitely be at the top as either a face or heel, but her TV appearances also became less frequent.

Del Rio took to Twitter to confirm the announcement. As of now, there is no word from Paige or the WWE on what the future holds.