WWE NEWS: At Last The Miz’s Retirement – See What The Champion Announced…

While WWE keeps announcing huge return of superstar to the Company, there are others who seems to have been done with the company and really do wants to retire. Report has it that The Miz has finally announces retirement from wrestling.

The Miz has been ups and doing in the WWE and just as it may be, The Miz has a very successful history with the company. Many still keeps wondering the champion is finally retiring from pro wrestling but answers has not been provided for question not even one.

In case you didn’t know, The Miz was able to pick up the victory after some interference from Baron Corbin, but Dolph met him on the entrance ramp with a Superkick. When The Miz complained to Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan backstage, Bryan booked the match and declared that no matter who wins, it would be the last bout between the men.

More so, there have been a match between The Miz and Dolph before and the most recent chapter in their war began in September when Dolph challenged The Miz to a title match on behalf of Daniel Bryan, whom Miz had insulted. Well, we still haven’t discovered a cogeant reason on why The Miz wants to retire; the rumor was not officially reported by WWE either. If this rumor being reported by wwewolves.blogspot.com is to be believed, it really means that The Miz has other things worthwhile in mind to do his life other that pro-wrestling.