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The WWE legend Batista made a remarkable return to the WWE and it was announced that he did not just come back to the company which he left some years back but he returned to take one more chance in the WWE which actually did seemed impossible to him.

Recently, the WWE posted Batista’s video which was released because of Royal Rumble 2014 while promoting Batista and it is revealed that the former WWE Champion and Hollywood star made his return in 2014. So the video was on the WWE Network clear and firm. Reports states that Batista made his return to the company to take up the World Heavyweight Champion title again. In the video which was posted by the WWE, Batista explained the real reasons for his return to WWE in 2014 and this were his words:

“The biggest reason for me to come back is just that I’ve always wanted to be undisputed heavyweight champ, After I became heavyweight champ multiple times, [it’s like] where do I go from here,

“There are not many places I can go being at the top. I could take that next step up and just be undisputed heavyweight champ. That was the only place to go, and it’s been my goal for years and years.”

More so, Batista spoke against his bookings in an interview given in June. He explained that he wanted to come in WWE as a heel and not as a face but he was debuted as a face rather. On his return in 2014 he contended for the main event which was soon after he has won the 2014 edition of WWE Royal Rumble. It is revealed that even when Batista later became a heel, he didn’t draw fans to himself and was soon forgotten by the WWE fans.