WWE NEWS: At Last The Return Of The Rock Officially Announced – See WWE Match Plan For Him…

Lots of big names are finally returning the WWE picture since after the return of Bill Goldberg. It was earlier reported that The Undertaker would be showing up in the next SmackDown event live.

Again, The Rock was rumored to be returning to the ring just after the forth coming Survivor Series event. It is going to be very interesting as the WWE has not officially stated which brand he would be joining in his return.

According to PWInsider’s Q&A Section, Dave Scherer stated that there is a possibility of The Rock appearing at Survivor Series. According to him:

“The Rock can come back to WWE whenever he wants to.”
The Rock has always been a pivotal part of WWE’s big plans, due to his charisma, influence and history with the company.

The ideal strategy for WWE is to promote his appearance well in advance, instead of a surprise to hype the show even further and increase the subscription count.

The timing is perfect, with the subscriber countdown according to the 3rd quarter finance results.

This will be the 20th anniversary of The Rock’s debut, which took place in the 1996 Survivor Series, where he was a part of the Survivor Series elimination tag team match. WWE might play off the idea of his 20th anniversary to hype his return similar to what they did with the Undertaker at last year’s Survivor Series.

The Rock’s last appearance at Survivor Series was during the 2011 edition where he teamed up with John Cena to defeat The Miz and R-Truth in the main event. Several rumors have suggested that Rock might wrestle at Wrestlemania 33; this show might plant the seeds for the battle at “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”