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It is revealed that since after 35 years of the WWE Hell in a cell, the match has never for once featured women in the main event of the event but this year’s own has broken record and has made his history.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte happens to be the only women in the RAW brand that Mick Foley and the RAW commissioner are promoting and always giving the main event push. It is clear that since the feud began, the won has been in the interchanged between both Sasha Banks and Charlotte.

Just last night at the WWE Hell in a Cell, Sasha Banks lost the championship title to Charlotte who is now been referred to as Charlotte Flair. Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to become the new WWE women’s champion in the RAW brand leaving Sasha and her fans confused and dumbfounded.

Observably, Sasha Banks sustained an injury during the match and was seen in a stretcher as she was taken for a medical attention. Just as the light went off, it was announced by one the WWE announcers that Sasha would be out of action until she fully recovers from the injury even though the severity of the injury was not disclosed. We have not yet received report from WWE as to when The Boss will be fit to fight again but we hope she recovers very quickly and fight back at Charlotte Flair to get her title back.