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We know full well that the WWE boss, Vince McMahon is not easily impressed with talents in the company until he sees a talent over and over again doing that which he was called to do. It seems that AJ Styles has really impressed the boss and the boss now has wished he signed him longer time before now.

As the case may be, AJ Styles seems to have gained favor from the boss while the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion seems to have fallen out of favor from the boss. The reports that Vince McMahon’s consternation at Roman Reigns is as high as it has ever been. This is very painful because we all thought that Roman Reigns will be the new face of the company but as it is now, we can simply turn the story around.

More so, even before The Guy, Roman Reigns violated the WWE wellness policy, there have been news circulating the whole place that his stock going down in Vince McMahon’s eyes and the failed drug test was the last straw; oh what a pity it is indeed. Nevertheless, the down fall of a man can never be the end of his life or career, we all believe that Reigns will surely rise again to the topmost point where he belong.

It is revealed that Vince McMahon has plans to replace Roman Reigns because he feels that Roman Reigns has wasted his push for him so he planned to use either Seth Rollins or Aj Styles to replace The Guy. Vince McMahon strongly believes that Seth has the ability to be in the WWE’s top heel history, so replacing John Cena and Roman with AJ Styles and Seth Rollins as the new baby faces of RAW and SmackDown is not a big deal.