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Hopefully, this week’s WWE Monday Night RAW show will be a great deal as lots of things has been set to happen which include the showing up of top superstars and even other big names of the WWE company. It is the return day of Vince McMahon

It is revealed that the CEO of the WWE Company will make his majestic return to the ring tonight to the RAW show and his showing up should be for a reason, as we all know him to be a man of many principles and responsibilities. has recently reported that his return may be to name who takes charge of RAW and SmackDown henceforth. This week is really going to be heavy.

With the Draft and the brand split set to return, this week and even next week is going to be as never before in the WWE. The children of the boss, Shane and Stephanie McMahon are said to have rivalry to see who truly is fit to run the shows. The report states that their rivalry is expected to be kicked up a notch with each of them continuing to try and one-up the other with whichever show they are given control over.

More so, Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero and John Laurinaitis who were general managers will no longer be taken seriously in the office as they seem to have given up on the official post. With this, unusual things are said to be happening in the WWE stranger than ever could imagined.

Furthermore, the appearance of Vince McMahon to the show tonight will definitely make the show more honorable because the WWE Universe has been waiting for a very long time to know who takes charge. The show tonight will also feature the battle royal match; this is to determine who the #1 contender for the Miz’s IC would be and Rusev’s US title defense against Zack Ryder.