WWE NEWS: At Last WWE Tagged For Sale – See What Vince McMahon Announces…

The fast growing wrestling entertainment company in the Universe seems to have been done with personal merchandise and want to release the company to other bodies.

It is reported that during today’s third quarter earnings, The chairman and chief executive officer of the WWE Vince McMahon was confronted by some team of experts and was asked about a potential sale of the company. The response of Vince McMahon shocked everyone as he said that the company is open to anything but controlling their own destiny if very important.

Vince only positioned his mind on one side and refuses to imagine how much control they would lose if they were absorbed or bought. Despite being unsure of his loss, he still went ahead to say that they are open to offers because they are business people.

More so, Vince said WWE is open to listening to offers, especially the kind of offer they couldn’t refuse, and are “open for business” but are also focused on doing their own thing and creating their content.

This sounded very shocking to the investor and he assumed that he did not heared what the boss of WWE had just said and so he was forced to ask him again if if WWE would be interested if they received an offer that would allow them to still control their destiny?

Vince gave similar ansewer as he boldly stated in a clear tone when he said: “We’re open for business.”