WWE NEWS: At Last The Wyatt’s Family Finally Breaks Up – See Huge Reasons…

One of the WWE powerful stables The Wyatt’s Family has been rumored to split up several times and now after the brand split this has finally come to pass.

It is revealed that one of the biggest surprises coming out of the WWE Draft on the debut of Smackdown Live was the breakup of the Wyatt Family. The Black Sheep of the family, Braun Strowman was picked by Raw, while Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan were drafted to SmackDown.

This could really be a punishment to Bray Wyatt himself even though he has been pushed as a single competitor but he has to face some really tough times before mastering to be a single fighter.

Recently, there was a twitter fight against Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy and it seems that the WWE officials are not happy with it.
According to Cagesideseats.com reports states that WWE officials are unhappy with the twitter fight Bray had with former WWE star Matt Hardy over the compound segment aired on Raw. This was the exact reason why Bray Wyatt was not drafted on time instead he was picked up during the third round of the drafts.

More so, for this same reason Braun Strowman the hit man of Bray Wyatt was drafted into RAW which seems somehow tough to Bray Wyatt to bear. It is revealed according to sportskeeda.com that Bray Wyatt was not the only one who was said to be punished by the officials as Cesaro who was picked up during the last televised round of the drafts was said to be demoted due to an interview he gave before the show calling Raw the “bad guy show”.

It really seems that this split has caused more harm than good. Even reports also states that Paige and her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio was drafted into different brand which may cause a sick relationship among the two.