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Alberto Del Rio returned to WWE and defeated John Cena thus making him the US champion. Del Rio gave WWE reasons to go into business with him.

The WWE promised Del Rio a main event push which seemed dull when Del Rio did out of favor from the WWE. Del Rio fell in love with Paige upon his return to WWE and this has been a set back to him as things has been going upside down for him.

It is revealed that the reason why WWE refused to push Del Rio is because Triple H is strongly against him even though Vince McMahon loved to push him. Triple H wants Del Rio to leave Paige because he feels that Del Rio is a bad influence to Paige who is seem as a young star. Some weeks ago, Del Rio was suspended together with Paige for violating the wellness policy.

After this suspension, there was a rumor going around that Del Rio had decided not to re-sign with WWE, as his contract expires this coming October, a year after his returning.

Apparently, WWE and Del Rio had come to an agreement to release him from his contract prior to the rumors breaking out. It is expected that Del Rio’s departure from the WWE will be announced tomorrow and after the press conference, WWE will make the official announcement as well.

It is revealed that Paige too reportedly sought legal help to opt out of her contract with WWE which expires in 2019. However, given the nature of the contract, and also WWE’s history of not letting performers compete until their contract expires, it looks like that may take much longer.