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Observably, we can say that this is not the first time such report has surfaced but if you can remember, this should be the second time of reporting that Lillian Garcia has left the WWE. Anyway, the first time was indeed a rumor that proved to be indeed false because the rumor stated that Lillian was released along side with other eight superstars at that time.

But this time around, the reported has turn out to be true. Though she is not been released by the WWE but she decided to quit her career so that she can go have full time with her sick daddy who have been suffering from cancer for some years and this is even the prior reason why Lillian Garcia left at the first time to take care of her sick daddy. Lillian announced her departure on the 1 of August episode of RAW show.

According to reports, Lillian Garcia’s daddy has been suffering from multiple kinds of cancer lately. Lillian, notwithstanding the grief anymore, decided to take her time off the company to seat with her sick daddy for as long as he last. She took to her Instagram account and talked to the WWE fans talking in detail about her 15-year career with the company.

It is revealed that Lillian Garcia will be missed by the fans around because of her differs potentials and displays in the WWE ring. Lillian has a very clean voice and her singing talent coupled with her beauty has made her a renowned fellow in the WWE. She said she is thankful for WWE – as the company has allowed her to “sing around the world.”

More so, Lillian Garcia has been with the WWE since 1999 where she was hired by the World Wrestling Federation as a ring announcer and her debut was on the 23rd August, 1999, episode of Raw is War. She has carried out lots of vital duties in the WWE and will really be remembered among the WWE Universe.