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AJ Styles is no doubt a top and talented pro wrestling superstar who always mean business and so much cherish reputation which he has guarded with his life.

At the recent WWE Backlash event, AJ Styles defeated Dean Ambrose to become the WWE World heavyweight champion and the champ that runs the camp. Fans has lots of testimonies to give about AJ Styles in-ring skills, fans who had been following him for years were well aware of how good he is, and how he was nothing but top material for any promotion he went to. He proved that in TNA, and he proved that in New Japan Pro Wrestling as well.

In time past, AJ Styles has had serious feuds with Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns for the world championship title and the latest was his feud against the 15 time champion John Cena and on the WWE Summerslam, AJ Styles cleanly defeated Cena and goes by Cena title, ‘The Face That Runs The Place’. With all these, it is revealed that AJ Styles is good for business.

Report states that the decision to turn AJ Styles heel by Vince McMahon just showed that him, and the WWE officials had complete trust in Styles. And it is as a heel that he has truly excelled. He is probably doing some of the best mic work that he has in his whole career. Vince is said to be so high on AJ Styles that he wishes he had signed him ten years ago.

More so, AJ Styles will have to retain the championship belt for some time because John Cena will be leaving WWE after No Mercy and he may not return until the end of this year which means that AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose feud will have to continue until survivor series.